Who we are

In 2008, Welon set up a brand WIN.MAX offering full range of different kind of leisure sporting goods. WIN.MAX has a hard working team in china concentrating on product developing and sourcing. It has aslo built up efficient distributing networks to supply customers worldwide. Ever since its establishment WIN.MAX has placed a high value on reliability, service, and tailor- made solutions.
Our products cover the following ranges:
1) indoor and outdoor sports series, mainly includes darts and dartboards, game tables, skates and skateboards, racquets and various kinds of balls;
2) water/aquatic sports series, mainly includes diving and surfing wetsuits, beach game, neoprene products;
3) fashion series, mainly include: swimwear, caps, bags;
4) fitness sports series, mainly includes fitness gears, boxing products, jump ropes and hula hoops.

Our Features

Quick Delivery
With our warehouse of over 5,000 square meters, WIN.MAX keeps stocks and offers quick delivery within 2 weeks.
No MOQ requirement, customer can take any quantity depends on different market and sales.
Efficient & Easy
Full solution on sporting goods, make business efficient and easy.

Our Products

Fitness Sport


Extreme Sport


Yard Sport


Beach Sport


Indoor Games