Running Exercise Armband Touchscreen With Key Holder For Iphone 6, 6S

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WIN.MAX Running Exercise Armband Touchscreen with Key Holder for iPhone 6, 6S
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PREMIUM MATERIALS: Made of stretch resistant neoprene. The WIN.MAX iPhone 6/6S Armband case easily bends, flexes, twists, and folds without warping. Comfort-grip keeps the band firmly on your arm during workouts and running.
TOUCH SCREEN COMPATIBLE: Enjoy the full use of your iPhone 6 6S through the protective screen cover on the armband with fully touch compatible, easily answer calls, manage your playlist, or activate your stopwatch without removing the phone.
EXTRA FEATURES: Water resistant design protects against water and sweat. Built-in key pocket; secret compartment stores your house key while exercising.

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