New Speed Jump Rope for Cardio Strength & Agility Training - Adjustable & Removable Weight - Weighted Jump Rope

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  • Good design,high quality
  • Speed ball-bearings that ensure smooth
  • Special buckle,adjust the lenghth easily,fastness
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Adjustable weight,adjustable lenghth.Using the special adjustable buckle,adjust the rope easily.2pcs iron blacks that weight 0.2kg.In each handle,you can adjust the weight as you like.With bearing that ensure smooth. SPEED BALL-BEARINGS THAT ENSURE SMOOTH.SPECIAL BUCKLE,ADJUST THE LENGHTH EASILY,FASTNESS.ADJUST THREE KINDS OF WEIGHT SLIMMING,KEEPING FIT AND ENTERTAINMENT AS YOU LIKE.GOOD DESIGN,HIGH QUALITY. JUMPING ROPE MAKE YOUR LIFE MORE HEALTHILY IMPROVE HEART AND VASCULAR HEALTH!JUMPING ROPE,KEEP FIT AS WELL AS FOR ENTERTAINMENT.JUMPING ROPE WITH YOUR FRIENDS,YOUR FAMILY,ENJOY YOUR LIFE ANYTIME ANYWHERE.JUMPING ROPE IMPROVE THE INTELIGENCE OF CHILDREN'S GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT. A lot of people think of jumping rope as more of a game or a kid's toy...the crazy thing is that it is actually an extremely effective form of exercise.Jumping rope burns more calories per minute than almost any other exercise,and that's before you even add the bearing blocks;burn more calories than rowing,cycling,skiing or swimming,and as much as very fast running,without the expensive and bulky equipment or the space CONTINUOUS JUMP ROPE FOR 10 MINUTES EQUAL open the cover,push the outer buckle to the suitable position,push the inner buckle,push the buckle to the proper position and fix it. How to size your jump rope:Stand on the middle of the rope with one foot;Pull the handles straight up making sure the rope is fight and even;For beginners,the top of the handles should reach close to the shoulder;For experienced jumpers,the top of the handles should reach the armpit or below;For double unders,the rope should be shorter,Experiment to see what works for you.For most people the top of the handles should reach the chest line for best double under performance.If the handles extend beyond your shoulder,your rope needs to be shortened

PERFECT FOR SPEED & STRENGTH TRAINING. Extremely effective combination of fat burning cardio and strength building resistance training in one
EASILY ADJUSTABLE LENGTH & WEIGHT. Perfect for any height, durable rubber rope easily adjusts up to 2.75M in length. Handles contain 4 weights in total (two 100g weights per handle) that are removable. Total of 400 oz. Adjustable to your exact needs
COMFORTABLE TO USE. Soft-grip cushioned foam handles are designed with your comfort in mind
FAST & SMOOTH PERFORMANCE. Sealed ball bearings provide for a fast and smooth rotatio

Discover The Perfect Weighted Jump Rope

Premium Weighted Jump Rope For Strength, Cardio and Agility Training Workout
Have you been looking for the perfect weighted jump rope for your workout? The search is over! Achieve your fitness goals with this Weighted Jump Rope specifically designed for comfort and durability.
For a workout that builds strength and endurance, this Weighted Jump Rope is just what you need! Cardio lovers can benefit from this weighted jump rope by simply removing the weights from the handles.
The weighted jump rope is perfect for building endurance during Crossfit training by pushing you to work harder for those double-unders!

The Features of Source Health Fit TM Weighted Jump Rope

  • Comes with 4 weights (2.78 oz. each)
  • Can easily adjust and remove the weights from the handles
  • Designed for speed and strength training
  • Adjustable 9' length jump rope to your height
  • Soft-grip handles for comfort
  • Tangle-free rope won't coil or get caught on your feet
  • Smooth rope rotation within the handles
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