Hand Air Ball Inflator Pump For Party Balloon Soccer Football Basketball

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Anytime your balls or toys needs to be inflated, you will need this pump set. Also you can take it everywhere due to the mini size design.
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All purpose 7" pump, includes metal inflating needle for sport balls, also includes plastic inflation needle for beach balls and other inflatables, with flexible extension hose, avoid hurting the ball. Has a storage area for the needle.
The special hose included in this package is extremely useful in guarding against the potential of needles breaking inside the ball's valve.Broken needles are very difficult to extract and can often cause permanent damage to the ball.

1.Assemble pump,hose and needle by threaking the 3 parts together.
2.Place ball on a table or outher flat surface with the valve.
3.Moisten needle preferably with soapy water or outher lubricant such as vegetable oil.Do not use any petroleum based lubricants.
4.Insert needle into valve gently with a twisting motion.
5.Pump with full and even strokes.When done,remove needle gently.By grasping the knurled end of the hose.
6.Over inflating balls(specially hand-sewn balls)will distort its shape and reduce its usefull life expectancy.


1 x Pump


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