Camping Cycling Runner Hydration Waist Packs With 2 Free Water Bottles

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WIN.MAX Camping Cycling Runner Hydration Waist Packs with 2 Free Water Bottles
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ADJUSTABLE FIT: with elastic belt, this waist pack fits waist sizes up to 5".
SIZED POCKETS: The pouch is large enough to fit most cell phones (up to 5.5 inch) . Your credit cards and ID's will also fit in.
SNUG AND LIGHTWEIGHT: You will hardly notice you have the runners belt on because the waist pack is lightweight. Perfect for men and women.
PERFECT SIZED BOTTLES: The water bottles are a perfect size and volume for runners. At 350ML per bottle, you have enough water for short to medium length runs. They stay in place, are easily accessible and they don't add much more weight during the runs.

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