1, what kind of person is suitable for playing football

At present the European scout selection target when the first consideration is the physical quality. Technology, speed, personal ability are behind the body, of course, if there is a particular highlight of some. But the physical quality is certainly the primary consideration, after all, with the increase in the age of the players and a variety of injuries can not always remain in the heyday of the competitive state, regardless of technology, speed, personal ability and other aspects will be anti-proportional function decline.

This can be from the game, live football, play long league mode will have experience, the player was unearthed when the value and the value of the burst and then the value of the recession will be found.

All in all, if you have a good physical fitness at least can be extended by the experience of sports life, if there is a good physical quality + outstanding personal ability + comprehensive technical tactics + speed + a little bit of luck.

What kind of person is suitable for playing football

2, what is football?

Football, the "world first movement" in the world, is the world's most influential individual sports sports. The standard football match consists of two teams each with 10 players and a goalkeeper, a total of 11 people, in the rectangular grass court against, attack.

The purpose of the game is to try to put the football into the other side of the goal, each shot into a ball can get a point, when the game is completed, the highest score is a team wins. If you have the same score within the time specified in the competition, you will need to check the rules, the lottery, the extra time, or the penalty shoot (12 steps). In addition to the goalkeeper in the football game can be used in the restricted area of the use of hand contact with football, the players on the pitch can only use the rest of the body other than the control of football (opening ball exception).

3, football players ask what is the team

3.1, the two teams playing the team each team members shall not exceed 11 people.

3.2, each team must have a goalkeeper.

3.3, each team in the game can have 1-2 substitutes, if it is "Friendship", you can have 5 or less of the bench.

3.4, with the consent of the referee, the game is suspended, the replacement team members can replace.

3.5, only in the bench after the end of the bench to play.

3.6, without the consent of the referee, any team members may not play or end.