What do the novice have to pay attention to in the gym?

In the end in the gym what should pay attention to it?

1. can not just practice to become strong
Do not expect this time the body type can become a big man, three months to become fierce men is impossible, but this time can learn a lot of basic concepts, in the future absolutely infinite.

2. Training should be the same
To come here is training rather than take pictures, punch cards, three five friends gathered to chat, (especially in the equipment on the chat really will be eye-catching)

3. Use and return of equipment
Novice stage is not recommended to the dumbbell area training, the muscle feel is not very good control, practice dumbbell is actually very easy to hurt, it is recommended to understand the use of the equipment.
(There are a lot of beginners will take a bunch of dumbbells and put on the ground) really want people to trip, training equipment should immediately return home, to develop good habits.

4. Before the warm-up and training after the stretch
Before the training to fully warm up, let the muscles up, the blood circulation play a protective role. Do not have to start to bombing, the same reason, after training, but also to stretch, massage, relax.

5. Do not only do an action training, there is no one thing that million things
Do not want to do sit-ups, you have no abdominal muscle and your body fat, crazy sit-ups and mistakes will only cause the lower back discomfort, more harm than good ah.

6. To be comprehensive exercise
Do not crazy practice chest and two curl, we have a lot of body muscles, are interrelated! Should be a comprehensive exercise fishes.

7. Comparison of weight training with treadmill
Do not always stay in the treadmill, re-training is to increase the basal metabolic rate, but also to stimulate muscle growth, but also strengthen the bones, play a protective role, re-training related to the theoretical knowledge can refer to fitness bar content!