What are the benefits of playing badminton?

First, playing badminton is good for the eyes If you insist on playing badminton for half an hour every day, then for at least half an hour or so the eyes need to look directly into the distance, so this is a good relaxation for the eyes.

Second, playing badminton is good for the lungs and respiratory system Every day playing badminton can make the human lung function become stronger, increase lung capacity, but also the other pulmonary respiratory muscles become more developed, so that each time the ventilation volume becomes larger, enhance lung function .

Third, playing badminton to lose weight in the abdomen to help badminton is aerobic exercise, playing badminton every day can remove the thick fat outside the abdominal muscles. But it must be adhered to, because the abdominal fat is the most likely to rebound.

Fourth, playing badminton is good for the cervical spine. Correct posture for playing badminton requires the back to be straight and relaxed. Long-term adherence will greatly improve the discomfort of the cervical spine and shoulders, so badminton is very suitable for computer owners.

Fifth, playing badminton is good for the heart. Insistence to play badminton will accelerate the body's blood circulation, so that the coronary artery has enough blood supply to the heart muscle, thereby preventing some heart disease; badminton is a whole body exercise, can promote venous blood flow back to the heart, can prevent Thrombosis is formed intravenously.