What about running muscle strain?

Muscle strain during running can be said to be more common, in order to reduce the damage, we must pay attention to the correct treatment, immediately after the muscle strain to stop the exercise, the site has been red and swollen with cold packs, while recommending each time Warm up before you run.

1. At the beginning of ligament and muscle strain injury, red, swollen and blood-filled symptoms will appear in the injured area. At this time, exercise should be stopped immediately, and the injured leg should be as heavy as possible to avoid injury.

2. Use ice packs for cold compresses to relieve the pain and swelling symptoms. Each cold compress takes about 15 minutes, 3 times a day;

3. you can use a good breathable bandage on the wound, this can relieve congestion symptoms, the degree of tightness of the bandage should be moderate; at the same time raise the affected area to avoid congestion; do not jump after a week after the injury. You can do smaller stretching exercises.

4. After the injury is effectively controlled, it is recommended to go to the clinic or hospital for physiotherapy treatment in Chinese medicine for examination and treatment. The therapeutic effects like massage, acupuncture, and ointment are very good.

5. warm-up exercise must try to open. Professional athletes attach great importance to warm-up exercises. On the contrary, many of us ordinary people do not attach much importance to warm-up exercises. Many people suddenly want to play and immediately play in the past. This is incorrect. Generally speaking, warm-up exercise should be about 10 to 20 minutes. By relaxing muscles, pulling movements, and mild activities to “remind” muscles, it is necessary to perform large-volume exercises.

6. the amount of exercise should pay attention to gradual and orderly progress. The amount of exercise mainly includes exercise time and exercise load. Many people usually exercise for half an hour. Do not suddenly exercise for 1 hour and 2 hours at a time; or load 15 kg at ordinary times and suddenly increase to 30 kg 40 gk. Sudden increase in exercise volume is very easy to cause. Sports Injury.

7. Strengthen the study of sports theory. High-level professional athletes are not just “extensive in limbs”. The study of motor theory is also very important. Many skillful sports programs, if they are not in the right posture or are not standardized in sports skills, can easily cause sports injuries. Amateurs should also strengthen the study of exercise theory and master the correct methods of exercise.