This time, Germany has said goodbye to the World Cup

In the final round of the World Cup Group F group match, the defending champion Germany lost 0-2 to the South Korean team.
From this German game, it can be seen that no one in the world of football can be at the peak forever.
The German team used to be the biggest challenger of this creed, but it was defeated in the wheel of history. German team since the beginning
It is the king, this time, they actually left the scene so desolately.

The game in Germany made everyone look forward to it, but the results were unexpected. In the game, the South Korean team followed the past and scored one ball after another. The performance of the Korean team made us look at it. In this game, this red Asian team even has a reason to celebrate.
Because they played their own characteristics and courage in this game, this game is definitely a football madness.

After Germany was eliminated, "the defending champion curse", "the worst record of the German team's World Cup history", all kinds of ridicule and incomprehensible ideas came out, people became the downright loser of the German team in the World Cup this time. As a result, it is still unacceptable.
After the game, German striker Thomas Muller cried at the stadium and made people move.

In the ridicule, some people believe that Germany will be able to regain its momentum and continue on the road.
Return to the home. We are looking forward to the return of Germany!

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