The circulation of the blood turns from horizontal to vertical, which causes the brain to be undernourished and the cardiovascular system is overloaded. Light who produced a bald, vertigo, white hair, lack of energy, fatigue, premature aging, severe brain disease and heart disease.

The heart and stomach are moved down under gravity. Causing many gastrointestinal and cardiac organ droop, so that the abdomen and thigh fat deposition, resulting in waistline and abdominal obesity.

In the gravitational effect, resulting in the neck, shoulder and back and other parts of the muscles to bear more load, resulting in excessive tension, resulting in muscle strain, cervical, lumbar, frozen shoulder and other diseases. To overcome the lack of beauty in the evolution of mankind. It is not enough to rely on drugs. Can only rely on physical exercise, and the best way to exercise is the body inverted.

Improve intelligence and responsiveness can treat bald, vertigo, white hair, facial muscle sagging. Breast loose sagging. Abdominal Muscle Relaxation. Buttocks muscle drooping. Lack of energy, fatigue, premature aging; severe brain disease and heart disease ridden.