The basic position for using a kickboard is to rest your elbows near the square end and grip the rounded end of the board with your hands, or as close to this position as you can get, depending on how long your forearms are. You can also grip the very back of the board and extend your entire body in the water, including your arms. If you find yourself fighting the kickboard in the water, which is common for beginners, turn the board sideways to make it easier, or find a smaller board to use. Winmax Surf Boards is comprised by EPS inside material,XPE material Surface and HDPE bottom material.The outermost shell of this kind of boards can make your body float very easily and increase its buoyancy, seen from inner hull and polycarbafil soft and lightweight density foam material.

There are a few pointers to remember when you're using a kickboard to train, no matter what your swimming skill level happens to be. Ellen Wallin, a summer swim league coach with Portland Parks and Recreation in Portland, Ore., says: Stretch your body out to more closely approximate the position of the body while swimming without the board. Don't lean the weight of your body on the kickboard. "When you're comfortable in the water, there's no excuse for leaning." Don't lift your body out of the water, which makes the spine curve in an uncomfortable position.