Dumbbells exercise principles and methods

Basic exercise principles

1. The lean man's muscle is suitable for dumbbell exercises with a large amount of weight and a few times, generally every
Group action 8-12 RM works best.

2. fat people lose fat is suitable for the use of small weight, many times the dumbbell exercise, the general effect of each group more than 50RM best effect.

3. For the purpose of shaping is suitable for the use of medium weight dumbbell exercises, generally the best effect of 25-30RM per group.

RM:[1] rm is the relative weight, 8rm is the weight you can make up to 8 times in a row, or you can finish 8 times in a row. The premise is the standard of action. Do not take advantage of cheating.

In general, the greatest force for growth is to practice with a weight of 1-5 rm. The weight gain is 6-12 rm and the fat loss is 15-20 rm. Each group is exhausted. (But for the new students, we all say 8-12rm, 10 times in each group)

Exercise method

1, primary dumbbell exercise methods: progressive overload rules, multiple sets of exercise rules, confused rules, isolated exercise rules.

2. Intermediate dumbbell training methods: priority training rules, pyramid rules, division practice rules, a large number of congestion rules, super group rules, compound group rules, comprehensive exercise rules, cycle rules, static tension rules.

3, advanced dumbbell exercise methods: "deception" rule, triple rule, giant combination rule, pre-fatigue rule, rest --- stop law, the law of peak contraction.