1, supine, hands crossed on the chest, legs and thighs up to 90 degrees, the thigh and the body 90 degrees, so the legs to maintain posture, don't move in the process of movement, and then use the abdominal force near the upper body toward the leg (like doing sit up, but the magnitude is very small, do not pay attention to with the power of the back), 3 groups, a group of 30.
2, the ready position and action 1 basic same, just hold hands in the head after the action is different, to touch the left knee with the right elbow (only with the direction of movement is not necessarily so, really hit), then on the other hand, pay attention to stay at the highest point of 1-2 seconds, so the effect is better, but also with do not use abdominal strength, back strength, 3 group, a group of 30.
3, do on the bench, leaned back (the upper body to remain intact, the inclined angle of 45 degrees), before the leg lift, the first leg straight, and then to the abdominal contraction (knees close to the chest), then straight, repeat. To have that feeling of abdominal backlog of 3 groups, each. 30.
4, lying on his back, hands to seize the Shen side leg lift, fixtures, feet on the direction of movement, as far as possible to lower upper body rely on, just like in the abdomen for the shaft body folded together, and then restore, repeated abdominal has a strong backlog.3 group, 20 in each group.
5, kick boxing, can stand posture in front of the mirror, boxing, punches to the correct position, to do their best, up to 3 minutes, stop for a minute, played in three groups (giant energy), kick, kick, kick the whole leg, each play 5 minutes, very useful to the waist.