9 steps before going to bed yoga class to improve insomnia and anxiety

Today, a set of yoga exercises to be recommended to everyone is a group of yoga before going to bed, which can help the body to deeply relax and effectively prevent insomnia and emotional anxiety! Currently fast-paced city life, you need this course to improve sleep.

The following yoga moves, daily wash, start doing in bed, help to sleep. Pay attention to breathing in action.

First, sit on the bed, bend your knees, straighten the spine, arm relax, do 3 deep breaths. Keep your head clear and breathe better.

Second, straighten legs, feet together, hands grasp the toes. Can not grasp the ankle, calf, thigh, as long as it feels comfortable on it. Deepen your breath and improve your concentration.

Third, kneeling in bed, finger toe, knees shoulder width, leaning over lying between his legs, pay attention to regulate breathing.

Fourth, sitting cross-legged in bed, his right hand on the left knee above his left hand placed behind, gently turning left body. At the same time turned to look at the direction of the left shoulder, take a deep breath, slowly return. Repeat activities a few times, then change practice.

Five, lying in bed, bent his knees, feet relative, arms naturally on both sides of the body. If you feel leg discomfort, you can put a pillow under the legs.

Sixth, lying in bed, his legs light on the bed or wall, the body relaxed, arms naturally placed on both sides. Gently breathe, stretch the body.

Seven, lying in bed, legs bent, his arms around the calf, before and after swinging about the body, while regulating breathing.

Eight, lying down, legs bent, the upper body does not move, the knees turn to the left, the head turned to the opposite side. Then the same posture for practice.

Nine, lying down, arms on the bottom of the hips, slowly mention the chest, looked up the head to stretch back, try to straighten the instep, keep fifteen seconds recovery, and then repeated twice.