2018 World Cup, South America 2 teams successfully entered the quarterfinals

In the early morning of July 4th, Beijing time, in the final 1/8 final of the World Cup in Russia, England eliminated Colombia. At this point, the top 8 of the World Cup was also released. Like the main theme of the previous World Cup, European and American teams accounted for the vast majority of the World Cup quarter-finals, including 6 teams in Europe and 2 teams in South America. As the competition time goes by, the competition for the championship is getting closer and closer, and the next game is what we are looking forward to.

In the first half of the finals, Uruguay, France, Brazil and Belgium gathered together. These four teams are strong teams in the previous World Cup. The four teams include three teams that have won the World Cup. The strong competition, it can be seen that the game scene is very intense. The two former World Cup champions in Uruguay and France are welcoming a confrontation, and the two countries will have a fierce battle, while the confrontation between Brazil and Belgium is a positive collision between traditional and European newcomers.

The host Russia and Croatia staged the "Eastern European Derby" as the only champion team in the lower half, England will play against the Vikings Sweden in the quarter-finals.

There are a lot of unexpected results in this World Cup. For example, Germany, a powerful country, was defeated by South Korea: but there are also results that we have always believed. Among the top 16, Mexico and Japan, although they are better than themselves. The last pair of opponents, they played their own courage and characteristics, especially the outstanding Japanese team, they played in the 1/8 finals to let the world admire the face, can not help but marvel at us: "Although defeated."

In the world of football, no one has been at the peak, but the World Cup allows national teams to show their characteristics and courage, but also let us see the cooperation and understanding between players, but also can see their perseverance.
While being able to embrace success, you must face failure. Let us continue to pay attention to the World Cup and look forward to the wonderful performance of each team!

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