1. Fast access to numbers and symbols

    Fast access to numbers and symbols

    One thing that held me back from using Google Keyboard in the past was the extra step it required to get to certain special characters like the underscore or asterisk. While many other keyboards allow you to long-press letters to find those symbols -- a step that takes only one tap to execute -- Google Keyboard makes you first tap the "?123" button and then find and tap the character you want.

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  2. An inevitable evolution

    An inevitable evolution

    Lenovo, though? Like most manufacturers, it makes its revenue by selling physical products. So disappointing as it may be, the shift we've been seeing with Motorola under its wings isn't entirely surprising.

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  3. Google's next major Android hurdle

    Google's next major Android hurdle

    We need only to look to last year's Android 6.0 Marshmallow release to see why this challenge is so critical for Google to overcome. Take, for instance, standardized system-level support for fingerprint security -- one of Marshmallow's marquee features. Its presence in the operating system allows developers to implement fingerprint security into their apps without much work and in a way that functions seamlessly across devices.

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  4. Android N, inside my pocket

    Android N, inside my pocket

    One thing's for sure: Using Android N on a device you carry all day is a very different experience from using it on a secondary screen. For better and for worse, it gives you a whole different perspective on the state of the software and its real-world user experience.

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