Adjustable Counting Speed Jump Rope With Counter Comfortable Handles

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1.jump rope with counter
2 PP rope with handle
3.Jump rope with count

WIN.MAX Adjustable Counting Speed Jump Rope with Counter Comfortable Handles

WIN.MAX's Aegend Jump Rope come with a counter in a handle, record jumping times, setting range: 0 - 999 or 999 - 0 times.
Put the counter in your right hand it will count from 0 - 999.
SPEED CABLE: 5mm cable with steel wire. More durable and does not kink or tangle like other jump ropes do.
EASILY ADJUSTABLE - 9.8 foot cable that's easily and quickly adjusts to your desired length in minutes.(Adjust the jump rope with thumbscrew)
Appropriate for all ages (Adults, Men, Women, Children, Kids, Boys, and Girls) and for any calorie burning workout program.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE - Compact, Lightweight and Carry Case Included. This is a High Quality Jump Rope for Professionals Adults for MMA Training, Boxing, Cardio Exercises, Cross Fit, Personal Training Equipment. Perfect for Home and Outdoor Workouts.
Suitable for both children and adult to take exercise.
With a counter in a handle, record jumping times, Setting range: 0 - 999 or 999 - 0 times.
Designed with comfortable foam wrapped handle, great for beginners or experienced jumper, healthy sports help keep fitness.

Jump rope provide a great workout for people of all ages. You could use it to enhance cardio endurance, build strength, and tone your body.
This counter training jump rope is easy to carry to the park, gym, or anywhere you like to workouts.
It is an economical yet effective fitness tool.

How to use your jump rope:
1. Look straight ahead to maintain balance.
2. Keep body upright and balanced with the weight on the balls of the feet.
3. Jump only high enough to clear the rope (1 inch off the ground).
4. Land lightly on the balls of your feet.
5. Keep your elbows close to your sides,pointing down at a 45-degree angle.
6.Never sacrifice good jumping form for speed.Progress slowly.

How to size your jump rope:
1.Stand on the middle of the rope with one foot
2.Pull the handles straight up making sure the rope is tight and even
3.For beginners,the top of the handles should reach close to the shoulder
4.For experienced jumpers,the top of the handles should reach the armpit or below
5.For double unders,the rope should be shorter,Experiment to see what works for you.For most people the top of the handles should reach the chest line for best double under performance
6.If the handles extend beyond your shoulders,your rope needs to be shortened
7.You can temporarily shorten your rope by loosening,moving and tightening the screws on each side.
8.To permanently shorten your rope,you can cut the end pieces

1. What is the rope skipping? What is the benefits on the body by Skipping?
Rope skipping is a simple and popular sports, people through the hands and dancing skip and jump from the ground with both feet, let the rope from the feet across, a circular motion, move in circles, until the rope landing for abortion. Often skip, can exercise personal ability and endurance, helps keep people fit and coordination, so as to achieve the purpose of physical fitness.
1) every half hour to consume four hundred calories, are of great help to various organs such as heart and lung system, coordination, attitude, weight.
2) Rope skipping can make the chest and hip fat disappears and the pectoralis major and musculus glutaeus maximus becomes strong and flexible, so it can make your breasts and hips strong plump. Skipping rope has a good effect on the heart function, which allows blood to get more oxygen, to maintain a strong and healthy cardiovascular system.
3) Skipping of the weight loss is very significant, it can be strong muscles, eliminate excess fat hips and thighs, so keep your body fit, center of gravity and the agility, stability of the body.
4) Stimulation on the thumb points body movement and a hand rope skipping, will greatly enhance the vitality of brain cells, improve thinking and imagination, so the best choice for skipping is also a brain.
5) Good skipping on children's physical and mental health, the bone blood circulation can be improved, stimulate the secretion of growth hormone, promote height, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis and blood circulation, promote the body's The new supersedes the old., is conducive to the healthy growth of children. Can improve children's memory ability, to cultivate children's sense of balance and rhythm, can help children establish the overall sense of orientation and training.

2. What's the note when people rope skipping?
1) Should pay attention to warm up before skipping, shoulder, wrist, knee activity, waist and ankle, and skipping the former can not be drinking lots of water.
2) Skipping time: The time of human activities should be the best 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.. Beginner, only 1 minute jump in place, 3 consecutive days can jump 3 minutes, 3 months consecutive jump after 10 minutes, six months after the implementation of a day "series of jump" as every even jump 3 minutes, a total of 5 times, until a straight jump and a half hours. A jump and a half hours, is equivalent to jogging 90 minutes of exercise, has been the standard of aerobic exercise
3) The times of skipping rope: a week should be not less than 4 times but not more than 6 times, the general need to one day of rest and reflection, so to improve more quickly. Each skipping time control in half an hour to an hour between too little, not to the effect of fitness, exercise more than an hour will make extreme physical fatigue.
4) When rope skipping people should wear soft texture, light weight shoes for the high, to avoid an ankle injury.
5)The rope soft, medium thickness. Beginners should use hard rope, skilled soft rope can be changed later.
6) Choose soft hard moderate lawn, wooden floor and soil site better, don't skip in the cement on the ground, so as not to damage joints, and easily cause dizziness.
7) Rope skipping to relax muscles and joints, the toe and heel should be coordinated, to prevent sprains.
8) Fat and middle-aged women should adopt the feet and landing. At the same time, jump should not be too high, so as to avoid excessive weight-bearing joints due to injuries.
9) Before skipping to let the foot, leg, wrist, ankle, do some preparation activities, after skipping can make some relaxing activity.

3. Rope skipping skills
1) Simple skipping method
Ready for action: feet together, 2 to 3 minutes of jumping exercises (jumping height is 3 to 5 centimeters).Skip, wrist to swing arc. Beginners jump 10 to 20 times, after 1 minutes of rest, repeat 10 to 20 times jump. Non - beginners can jump 30 times, after 1 minute of rest, then jump 30 times.
2) Single leg knee hop
Right leg bent, lift the forward. Standing on tiptoe, hop 10 to 15 times, for the left leg and repeat the action. Rest 30 seconds, on each side of the 2 round.
3) Straddle and leg jump
Play rope skipping exercise to prepare, then skipping, jumping feet apart, at your feet together, repeat 15 times.
4) Arms are crossed jump
Play rope skipping exercise to prepare, then with arms crossed skipping. When the rope in the air, cross your arms, then skip crossing the ropes, double reverse recovery.
5) Sideways inclined jump
This action can train your endurance, enhance your abductors and adductors. Two people a front one empress stand on both sides of the first jump, jump rope sideways single foot jump forward, then leaning back in situ. Jump should pay attention to force swing arms. Jump after 1 minutes rest 10 seconds, repeat 2 times to practice.
6) Double rope skipping
(1) To stand side by side. With the side of a hand holding the rope handle each. Start practicing simple rope skipping, skipping two feet at the same time, and then practice with single foot jump rope.
(2) To take the standing posture after a previous. The height stand in the back, and waved his rope skipping.
7) About the rotation jump
Two people skipping practice: one straddle the squat, swinging rope skipping curve to draw on the ground, the other is continuously from the swinging rope jumping. Increase the speed from slow, 1 minute after the two alternative.
8) Side of the foot jump
First from simple skipping method first, then use both hands wrist swinging rope skipping, right, not the left foot is tilted to one side, jumped 15 times. Change another one foot jump 15 times. Non - beginners can practice fast rope skipping, namely the rope from the foot when even jump 2 times. When practice, attention should be paid to feet do not lift too high, too slow, or easy to be tripping rope.

4. Correct skipping method
1) Skipping method is used before the soles of the feet take-off and landing, can not remember the toe or heel landing, so as to avoid brain shock, when jumping in the air, not extreme bending the body, and become the natural bending posture. Jump, breathing naturally rhythm.
2)Hand rope method hands respectively hold the rope ends, usually with a foot hold of the rope, arms elbow will arm lift flat, the rope was straightened at suitable length.
3)Rope swinging forward swing, big arm near the elbow slightly on both sides of the body, the upper arm abduction, the approximate level, wrist force for rotation abduction, the hands circle action in the side of the body, and each swing once, the rope from the back up and down, swing a week, the rope. Speed and hand rope is proportional to the speed, shaking more quickly, then the rope swing faster.
4) Stop rope forward roll, kick out, before the soles of the feet off the ground, heels make rope stopped at the foot, backward roll, then after a foot, heel, sole on the ground, so that the rope stop in the soles of the feet.
5) Should be gradual exercise
Start practicing rope skipping, action should be slow to fast, from easy to difficult. All kinds of action learning first single rope skipping, and then learn more complex or group of people jumping rope skipping movements.
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