Professional Seraphim 1000 Badminton Rackets Best Badminton Racquet

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It is the best badminton racket of WIN.MAX with good racket tension.
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It is the best badminton racket of WIN.MAX with good racket tension.

Each in a black nylon bag
Ctn size:72*38*16cn 12 pcs/ctn

A majority of racket manufacturers use 1u, 2u, 3u, 4u to indicatethe weight of the racket, 1u being the heaviest and 4u the lightest. The weight of high quality rackets range from 83 grams to 100 grams. Find a suitable weight. Coaches say beginners should start with a heavier racket, as it provides more stability. Players can then graduate to lighter rackets. Lighter rackets are more manageable, allowing for faster play.

Lower tensions offer slightly more power and significantly less stress on the wrist, and higher tensions offer significantly more control.

The balance point is measured from the handle end.Normally, the balance point lies in between 280-300 mm. The higher value, the more head heavy is the racquet.Find a racket with a balance that suits your style of play. A racket with a heavy head gives your swing more momentum, a quality that is perfect for power hitters. An evenly balanced racket permits play that is faster and more flexible.

A majority of racket grip manufacturers use g2,g3,g4,g5 to indicate the size of the grip.Where g2 is the biggest size and g5 is the smallest size.Choose a grip size that you feel comfortable with. Generally, attacking players prefer bigger grips as they need to hold the racket more tightly to generate power.

It's the standard to measure the degree of how the racket bend,release,unleashes forward. When a shaft is bent and then released, the stiffer the shaft, the faster it unbends.The more explosive swing player will benefit more of a stiffer shaft in terms of control and power. The more slower swing player will benefit more from a flexible shaft.
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