High Quality Size 5 PU Soccer Ball Football Ball for Match Training

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  • Type: machine stiched
  • Size: official size 5
  • Leather: 4.2~4.5mm PU
  • Bladder: wrap yarn gall
  • Weight: 420-440 g
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This is a machine stitched ball.Bladder is Laper of fiber.Official Size 5 soccer ball,This is a hand stitched ball.Endurable hand stitched and Laper of fiber.Official Size 5 soccer ball,As we all know,soccer is one of the most popular sports in this world,and everyone who likes it must have his own reason to explain his altitude,so does I do.

First of all,nothing is better than a whole-afternoon playing soccer with my best friends.No matter we lose or win,there will always be happiness on the field.
For the second reason,obviously,we teenagers need a way to let off our energy,and running on the field can be a good choice.
The last but not the least,playing soccer can not only bring us fun,but also keep our body in a good condition.Exercising everyday may not shape our body immediately,but it will defiantly give us surprise in the long run.Balls are sent deflated to avoid damage during the delivery process


1. Put some water or oil on the needle when inflating in case hurting the bladder
2. The ball should be deflated after the football game
3. The ball should be cleaned with the dry cloth after the game
4. Do not play on the accidented place
5. Do not sit on the ball
6. Please play with the football shoes
7. The ball should be kept in cool and dry place

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