You have to know the basics of yoga

Nowadays, yoga has been favored by more and more women. If you want to practice yoga, you must understand the basic common sense of yoga. 10 beginners must know the basic knowledge of yoga for reference.

1, What are the benefits of practicing yoga? Really thin? Can increase fat?

Appropriate and correct practice, can make the body light, active bones, enhance physical strength, enhance the flexibility of ligaments and joints, but also can ease the physical and psychological stress and tightness, to experience a sound spiritual peace.

Exercise and diet must be balanced, fat people must eat more, move less. Most modern people do not know too much diet, in fact, just remember that the diet is to supplement the body nutrients, exercise is the body does not need the full excretion of waste, the two must go hand in hand. So regular, quantitative regular exercise, will be able to make the body better. By practicing soft, gentle, step-by-step yoga posture method, can promote body metabolism, blood circulation, and balance endocrine, the body does not need the waste excreted, by stretching the yoga action, can tighten the muscles, burn fat, reach Slimming effect.

Most people who do not get fat stomach absorption is not good. Some people have long been under intense work pressure, leading to mental gastroenterology, usually by practicing yoga posture method, you can relieve stress, strengthen gastrointestinal function, promote absorption, will naturally increase fat.

2, practice yoga with age, gender, physical limitations? Stiff bones, people with chronic diseases can practice yoga?

Except for young children under the second and third grades of primary education, which are less suitable for practicing yoga and need professional teachers to accompany them, basically yoga can be described as being free of any age-and-sex restrictions. Due to its mild nature, it is also suitable for older people to practice . Warm-up should be done before practicing yoga, and then by the basic breathing method, simple posture method to start learning.

Of course, people with chronic diseases can practice yoga! As long as you practice, do not rush too fast and practice according to your physical strength and flexibility. For a long time, chronic diseases can also be improved.

As for people with stiff bones, the blood circulation is generally not good, but also need to practice yoga to help train muscles and bones elasticity.

3, women can practice yoga during physical?
You have to know the basics of yoga

can. However, if the amount of menstruation to the first two days will be particularly large, it is recommended to temporarily rest for two days and then exercise, and throughout the physical period should not practice inverted action. In addition, practicing yoga on the body is absolutely beneficial and harmless, because it can adjust the balance of endocrine, promote blood circulation and metabolism, so menstrual disorders or menstrual pain and other symptoms, in particular, has improved the good effect.

4, how many times a week to practice yoga will be good? How long to practice yoga to improve physical fitness?

Varies from person to person. Some people have better physical strength, practicing two or three classes a day will not feel tired. Some people are physically weak, even if only practice a class, but also feel very difficult. Of course, exercise is a better day to practice, but if the time and physical strength can not be loaded, also need not be forced. Exercise at least three days a week is more appropriate. Yoga practicing the most economical and most convenient, and ready to practice, there is no venue and time limit. As for the practice time, each time more than 30 minutes for the best. As long as there is a "place", you will not have an excuse not to practice yoga, because you do not need a partner, do not need equipment, but not weather-affected. Of course the best practice day! But if you really do not have a lot of time, 3-5 minutes a day is not too small.

How long to practice yoga to improve physical fitness, which depends on the time of personal practice may be, such as training only once or three times a week, of course, the effect of practice every day is not the same. As long as a regular, regular, and continuous practice, you can feel the spirit within a month to become better, it is not easy to catch a cold, will not backache, muscle contraction is flexible. The longer you practice, the better your physical fitness will be.

5, practice yoga is not to drink vinegar bones soft and good practice it?

Most people think that vinegar can make bones soft, in fact, it is different, each of the different constitutions, drinking vinegar may not have bones soft effect. However, the amount of vinegar on the body will certainly be beneficial, moderate drinking, coupled with more practice yoga, will be able to live longer!

6, why practicing yoga will be dizzy? Muscle often sore, how to eliminate?

Any exercise will have sports injuries, yoga movements are very slow stretch, is to do the adjustment of the softness of the action, as long as the warm-up exercises before doing a good job, do not hurry, it will not cause sports injuries.

Beginners begin to touch yoga, due to the action is not familiar with, the mentality easily tense, resulting in muscle also followed by tightening, resulting in breathing is not smooth, short of oxygen in the brain, it will feel dizzy. After a period of continuous practice, the situation will improve.

Muscle ache can soak in a hot bath, fully relaxed (calm do deep relaxation or sleep supplement), coupled with massage, you can eliminate fatigue and soreness. If practicing yoga when the bones, immediately ice, can prevent the deterioration of inflammation, and swelling.

7, why do we must do before the exercise soft gymnastics?

Yoga is a gentle exercise that fits almost every age group. It is a systemic, balanced movement, unlike the general exercise only with unilateral force, long time down, easy to exercise due to the lack of coordination caused by body deviation. So to balance body and mind, yoga is the best exercise. Because stretching through the body, can enhance the joints, muscle flexibility and toughness, so that we can prevent the occurrence of sports injuries.

8, practicing yoga is not a vegetarian?

uncertain. Of course, in order to purify the body, choose a lighter vegetarian, is already a healthy way. People who practice yoga for a long time agree that meat and greasy food will naturally be excluded, which is due to yoga motions to stimulate the body's glands, endocrine normal, the diet also tends to be normal, not particularly preferred what kind of food, and Natural greasy foods that are not well over-processed by humans are naturally biased toward light foods. Of course, if you have special physical needs to be improved, in addition to yoga practice, change the light to eat vegetarian organic food, the effect must be more pronounced.

9, practice yoga before you can eat it? Is it okay to drink water immediately after practicing yoga?

Just like any exercise should not be carried out immediately after meals, yoga is also the best practice in fasting, because the yoga movement is a systemic extension, if the action will be uncomfortable to eat full, the effect will be greatly reduced, the digestive not good. Practicing Yoga is best to drink water slowly after 10 minutes, but remember to drink warm water, must not drink ice water.

10, practicing yoga, breathing is always breathless, always learn how to do breathing?

Beginners will have such a situation, because the body's softness is not enough, the action is not yet cooked, very easy to practice tension, the body can not relax, breathing is not easy and always lead to breathless. Always remind yourself to take a deep breath and relax, after a period of continuous practice, generally improve.