Poor environment in the gym, there are four sources

1, carbon dioxide. Mainly from human respiration, studies have shown that people's activities vary, the amount of carbon dioxide produced is also different. Fierce activity is about two times the rest, especially in dense indoor population, poor ventilation, people prone to chest disgusting nausea. Indoor carbon dioxide concentration is generally not more than 0.15%, that is 150 mg per kilogram.

2, inhalable particles. Generally refers to people's movement caused by ground dust and clothes, shoes and socks, skin off and so on. Particles of less than 5 microns in size can inhale the respiratory system of the human body, even deep into the lungs. Respirable particulate matter may not only be microbial carriers, which themselves contain toxic substances or other pathogenic, carcinogens.

3, human secretions. Sportsman secretion of a large number of body fluids during exercise, such as sweat, and human emissions, will cause poor ventilation indoors caused by the accumulation of mixed bacteria, microorganisms and particulate matter in the air, so that the gym air becomes turbid, people dizzy and tightness .

4, chemical pollution. Newly opened stadium, the reason people eye uncomfortable situation, mostly because of architectural pollution, such as radon, ammonia pollution and decoration and interior furniture, formaldehyde, benzene-based pollution. Radon and ammonia are mainly from building materials, will lead to lung cancer; formaldehyde mainly from a variety of plates, benzene series mainly from the paint, can cause cancer or cause blood diseases. Some gymnasiums or gymnasiums are out of business because of economic considerations, substandard building materials and decorations, or incompletely smoothed ventilation after renovations.

Fitness enthusiasts should try their best to choose Ventilation venues; new venues try to choose non-polluting or less polluting decoration, decoration materials and processes, the official before the operation should be fully ventilated and casual; fitness places should pay attention to the number of active control staff , To ensure that everyone has a certain amount of space for activities, to minimize the density of people flow; place should pay attention to the volume of music to mobilize the emotions of the body at the same time, as far as possible to avoid the formation of noise pollution.