Beginners how to play skateboards and precautions

First, beginners how to play skateboarding

1, coasting
Slide your right foot to the right front of the skateboard. Left foot on the ground, focus on the right foot. Use your left foot to slide the skateboard forward, and then close your left foot to step on the tail of the skateboard, maintain your balance, glide for a while, and then use your left foot to repeat the action. So repeated practice, and then grasp the better after they can do longer glide. Began to do 10m, 20m, and then added to 50m, 100m, repeated practice to be able to easily skateboarding skillfully so far, to grasp well the center of gravity change is the direction and speed of the skateboard.

2, sliding obstacles
Obstacle slip skills, speed stop and sharp turn is a very important skill. Sliding down from the slope, the speed is relatively fast, we must learn to keep his feet on the skateboard, skateboarding stop rotating hung hung stop motion. There are two ways to change the speed of the skateboard: one is to use the back foot to control the center of gravity to try to make the body lean forward to drive the skateboard forward; two hard bang flexible skateboarding face, the use of flexibility to glide forward. As long as you mentioned above, you should have a good balance and be flexible at your feet.

3, downhill slippery
Try to choose a longer slide, it is best to have both the rapid decline in the paragraph, the speed decline, there are extended far buffer section, this slide is best for beginners to practice downhill slippery. Downhill technology focus is on control, speed is followed. First learn to be stable, when downhill, put your feet on both ends of the skateboard, in the face of turning or need to do cross-action, to move your feet to the center of the skateboard, face and body should be facing the front , Crouched down, thigh near the chest, his hands out.

4, turn around skills
Skateboarding will push the slider forward, and then stand up, feet across the legislation, the left foot can be flexible. Press the weight against the end of the plate to lift the end of the plate a inch or two. When the board is in the air, the body turns clockwise; when the front wheel is on the ground, the board deflects to the right. Connect this series of actions and keep practicing.

5, reverse skills
Skate forward so that it reaches the proper speed, as far as possible to open both ends of the cross-slide skateboard. Focus on the forefoot, the left foot, and tilt the tail, while turning 180 degrees clockwise (backward or outward). If the action is correct, after completion of the skateboard reversal, the right foot to become a supporting foot.

Second, skateboarding precautions

Plate at the foot of the danger on the body. Plays friends can not leave the board, but can not afford to fall. Especially for beginners, the board is still very strange, the center of gravity is still difficult to control, a little careless injury to the plate, the following points need special attention:

1, if you are a beginner, on the board before, please take a look at the basic action data such as screen shots and other articles. So that there is a bottom of my heart, in the end what placed the center of gravity, foot ye position. Or suddenly on the board, such as headless flies, throwing or not to blame.

2, beginners generally falls are the center of gravity is not stable, if the glide lose the center of gravity, simply with the center of gravity, the foot force plate end or tail, so that the end of the plate or tail board emergency stop.

3, if the trickle of action such as vacate the floor, etc., and falls hard to avoid, try to bend the body, neck tension, stretching upward from the ground. Remember the physical formula, P = F / S, when the body fell to the ground that is, the greater the contact area of the ground, the P bear less Well, because of your G sure thing. So, remember not to use the palm of your hand when you fall, and what part of the child to support the ground, back, click, maybe a fracture.

4, it is recommended to play board, it is best to bring protective gear. Especially for beginners, do not be bothered.